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Unique Pulling-Weaving Technology of Carbon Fiber

Jinming Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. is taking scientific and technological innovation as the core, high-performance and new materials as the basic, low-cost manufacturing technology as the key to development and the application of lightweight, high-strength and new materials technology as the target. We hire industry experts as consultants and set up a strong R&D group. We also establish two major R&D centers in Dongguan and Hong Kong, vigorously investing in technology to enhance the enterprise’s independent innovation capabilities and promote the development of new products, new technologies and new processes. Our products are advanced with high technology content, and we have acquired many patent certificates.

Unique Pulling-Weaving Technology of Carbon Fiber

  • Independent R&D and production, complete sets of carbon fiber technology and equipment

  • Unique weaving process with a number of international patents

carbon fiber pulling-weaving

Jinming’s carbon fiber products are widely used in transportation industry, sports equipment, medical equipment, aerospace industry, construction engineering and other fields.

Our company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. We strictly follow the standard requirements in the process of product R&D, production and manufacturing. We control the quality of the product throughout the entire process to ensure product quality so that we can provide customers with high quality, high standards, and high precision products.

Our company puts innovation at the heart of development strategy. Technology is the driving force for corporate development and the source of corporate progress. We are receiving powerful support from the Dongguan government through technological innovation, institutional innovation and management innovation. Our company is rated as one of the few high-tech enterprises in the carbon fiber industry in Dongguan.