Jinming Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.

Five strategic advantages to achieve industry benchmark

    1. Cost Leadership Strategy
      Our company adopts an advanced management mode and invests heavily in high-tech production equipment which realizes advantages such as economies of scale, patented technology, preferential price of raw materials that reduce production costs significantly.
    2. Speed Advantage Strategy
      1. In terms of “pulling”, we improve the ability to respond quickly and conduct production rapidly and timely.
      2. Order goods and process orders quickly
      3. Fast manufacturing. According to the order, our company produces products that possibly be shortest to meet the requirements within prescribed time.
      4. The supplier’s prompt delivery. The supply of raw materials plays a key role in achieving rapid production.
    3. R&D Innovation
      Our company employs an experienced research group as well as well-known experts in domestic and foreign materials industry as the enterprise’s technical consultants, constantly pursuing the development of independent brands, R&D and innovation.
    4. Quality Assurance Strategy
      The heavy investment in modern production and testing equipment with advanced level, well-equipped facilities, complete preparation process and perfect production, technology, service and after-sales team means that we can quickly and comprehensively respond to the global customers’ individual needs.
    5. Service Improvement Strategy
      We have 12 years experiences of rapid prototyping and rapid tooling. Our products cover all walks of life which customize carbon fiber and lightweight high-strength composite parts for different fields and provide our clients high-quality and high-standard service.