We are a custom carbon fiber tube manufacturer. We manufacture and supply high quality round carbon fiber tubes and square carbon fiber tubes.


Leading the Industry in Quality and Service

Our commitment to our customers’ success shines through in everything we do—from our exceptional quality, fast turnaround times to highly personalized, responsive service.



We conscientiously source the best carbon fiber materials available and follow a rigorous quality control process to ensure exceptional quality every time. Backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can count on Jinming to exceed your standards for looks and performance.



We want our clients to feel supported at every point in the process—from the very first conversation all the way through to product delivery. Through highly responsive service, free in-depth consultations, and helpful volume discounts, we’re devoted to helping our clients achieve success.


Turnaround Times

We’re dedicated to moving at the speed of your business—manufacturing and delivering faster than anyone else in the carbon fiber industry of China. With no order minimum, we’re here to help companies of every size meet their goals and deadlines.


Extensive Inventory
& Capabilities

Our vast product inventory, combined with our extensive customization capabilities, allow us to tailor make carbon fiber products to your desired performance and style characteristics. We can adjust shapes, strength, weight, and more to suit your exact requirements.

Core Advantages of Our Products

  • High strength, long life, corrosion resistance, small thermal expansion coefficient, creep resistance, self-lubrication, fatigue resistance, energy absorption and shock resistance, low density and light weight;
  • High-precision thickness control with a tolerance range of ±0.1mm;
  • Customized shapes.


Durability, Performance & Flexibility

As one of the strongest, lightest materials available today, carbon fiber is:

5x stronger and 70% lighter than steel

carbon fiber

40% lighter than aluminum

Combining high-tech looks with advanced durability, carbon fiber’s unique performance characteristics make it ideal for a wide range of commercial and consumer applications—from robotics and consumer goods to industrial manufacturing and radiology.


Custom Manufacturing of Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber Tubes, Carbon Fiber Paddles, Carbon Fiber Robotic Arms, Carbon Fiber UAV Parts, and other Carbon Fiber Products


Jinming Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd.

Jinming Carbon Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jinming) is a global manufacturer of carbon fiber composite material products and is dedicated to becoming a world first-class provider of carbon fiber products and service. Jinming founded in 2006,  has been growing for nearly 13 years. Since its establishment, our company has been adhering to the business philosophy of “customer demand-oriented and quality-oriented” to provide quality services sustainably for the innovation of the composite materials industry.

Jinming is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. Our company adopts advanced production equipment which provides one-stop service of carbon fiber products with low-cost and high-quality manufacturing technology based on high-performance new materials for customers. We employ an experienced research group as well as well-known experts in domestic and foreign materials industry as the enterprise’s technical consultants, constantly pursuing the development of independent brands, R&D and innovation.